It is the first day of the New Year, and I am happy to say I am done incorporating the features I wanted into the new desk-top-oriented blog.

After working with Raymond's back-end code, I am impressed with its logic and how he anticipated functional logic, even though it was not used within the original BlogCfc UI. For example, the getEntries method allows passing in a string of categories when using the search interface, even though the original blogCfc only allowed one category to be selected at a time. With the new interface I have programmed, I designed the search to use one or more categories with a Kendo multi-select drop-down box. I thought I would need to revise Raymond's original entries method to allow one or more categories, but I discovered that I could pass more than one category value as a list. This is just how I would have designed this if I had the time, but Raymond already designed his function to be used for multiple arguments, even though the UI did not use that logic in the original interface.

I also looked for various functions I had thought to write, and I found them in Raymond's code base, often with the same name I would have used as if I had written them myself. I found Raymond's back-end logic both powerful and intuitive.

It was a pleasure to use Raymond's back-end logic, and I am glad I chose to use BlogCfc as the back-end when re-writing this application. I intend to work on getting my site up, developing the responsive mobile blog, and then going through more testing before launching this new blog software.

This is a part-time weekend project. I have many other things vying for my attention, being married, having kids, and working full-time; this may take several months.