How to modify the Plyr theme

If you're a Galaxie Blog owner, you can change the primary colors of the Plyr controls. The Plyr media player is now themed for Galaxie Blog's themes, but for those who are running Galaxie Blog, you can further modify the Plyr themes by simply changing the .css in the common/libs/plyr/customThemes folder to match your own created theme.

Simply open the plyr.css file in the common/libs/plyr/ folder and search and replace both the RGB and Hexadecimal values.

The default Plyr .css file specifies an RGB value of 0,179,255, and the hexadecimal value is #00b3ff. There are 5 occurences of both 0,179,255 and 00b3ff.

Plyr Themes now match Galaxie Blog's Kendo UI themes

Kendo UI already has a built-in media player, but it is only available if you have a commercial license. Telerik did not put its own media player into its open-source distribution of Kendo Core. However, even if you have a license, I recommend using Plyr. The Pylr media player is far superior and offers much more functionality, such as supporting captions, adding revenue capabilities, and even air-play support. It also supports Vimeo and YouTube.

I am ditching Kendo's media player and have modified Plyr to support the Kendo default less-based themes. After initializing Plyr, you need only incorporate the proper theme CSS file in the header.

Getting the new Kendo UI Plyr Themes

I created a fork and saved my Plyr GIT repository at There is one .css file for every Kendo UI less-based theme.

Happy theme... err, streaming!