ColdFusion sometimes drives me a bit wonky when I try to set a dynamic variable inside a tag. Most ColdFusion tags support embedded dynamic variables, but quite a few tags don't support this. Probably the most frustrating issue is when you want to use a dynamic variable to extend an applicationin a sub-folder using two or more application.cfc templates. It seems that every other time I do this I slap my head and think 'Oops! its time to set up proxy extensions', sigh... but this frustrating issue requires a very long blog entry for a different day. Back to my point... If you try to use a dynamic variable using a cfcookie tag, you will get the following nasty error:

<cfcookie name="isAdmin" value="true" path="#application.baseUrl#" expires="never"></cfcookie>

Attribute validation error for tag CFCOOKIE. It has an invalid attribute combination: expires,name,path,value. Possible combinations are: Required attributes: 'name'. Optional attributes: 'domain,encodevalue,expires,httponly,preservecase,secure,value'. Required attributes: 'domain,name,path'. Optional attributes: 'encodevalue,expires,httponly,preservecase,secure,value'. To get around this, simply use the cookie scope instead in order to set the dynamic path value.

<!-- Using the cfcookie tag does not work with dynamic vars in the path. --->
<cfset cookie.isAdmin="{" value="true" ,="" path="#application.baseUrl#" expires="30" }=""/>

Both cfcookie and the cookie scope do the same thing, send a cookie to the client, but at least the cookie scope allows you to embed dynamic variables for in the path name.