Galaxie Blog's Edit Post interface offers unparalleled out-of-the-box core blogging functionality and is one of the most powerful open-sourced blog editors. All of the blog functionality has also been carefully integrated into Galaxie Blog all of the interfaces and widgets match the Galaxie Blog look and feel and themes. Here is a comprehensive list of features that the edit post interface offers:

Allow Commenting
Allow users to comment on your posts. You can also turn off the ability for your users to interact with a post.

Add anchors and bookmark buttons.

Automatically create hyperlinks when a valid URL is made.

Auto resize
Resize the editor and the content within it.

Branded Emails
Responsive emails are sent to your subscriber base when a new post is made. You can also send emails when a post is saved.

Add image sliders with hardware-accelerated transitions. Carousels can support up to a dozen images.

ColdFusion cfinclude
Use a ColdFusion cfinclude template to embed custom server-side logic into a post.

Character Map
Add special characters that are not present on the keyboard. Special characters are organized by categories, such as currency, text, math, etc.

Code Sample
Allows users to add highlighted code to the content. Hundreds of languages are supported.

Color Picker
Select a color using a picker to highlight selected content.

Embed Javascript within a blog post.
You can embed Javascript using Galaxie within a post using Directives and the Post Header interface.

Add a large assortment of emojis to the post content.

HTML5 Interfaces with a Mobile-First Priority
All of Galaxie Blog interfaces are HTML5 with a mobile-first priority. For example, you can use your native phone interfaces to snap a picture and upload it as your enclosure image.

Image and Media Enclosures
Add images, videos, maps, map routes, and carousels to the top of your blog posts.

Font Management
Upload new fonts and apply them for use in the editors and blog body

Full Screen
Expand the editor to fill the entire page.

Create interactive galleries for the body of a blog post.

Horizontal Rule
Add a horizontal rule.

Host Videos
You can host your own videos or include videos from YouTube or Vimeo. You can also add closed captions and a video cover to your video.

Enable the user to insert an image with multiple customization options. 

Insert Date/Time
Automatically insert the current date and/or time.

Galaxie Blog automatically creates JSON-LD for SEO purposes. However, you can edit this JSON-LD to add or remove XML elements.

Easily add accessible links using an editor. 

Create advanced bullet lists. Supports all of the number formats and bullet types.

Add static Bing Maps- requires a free Bing Maps key.

Map Routes
Use a unique Galaxie Blog interface to add a Bing Map route between two or more points.

Markdown Support
The editor supports all of the significant markdown patterns. Markdown will be converted to HTML when the post is saved.

Add HTML5 video and audio elements and preview the videos within the editor.

Nonbreaking Space
Visually insert a non-breaking space.

Optimized Images for Social Media Sharing
Galaxie Blog will automatically optimize your enclosures for social media sharing.

Copy and paste content.

Display a read-only preview of the content.

Print editable blog content.

Promote Post
Highlight and place the post at the top of the home blog page.

Release Post
Release post for public consumption. The post is only available to administrators before it is released.

Remove Post
Remove a post from being displayed.

Search and Replace
Search/replace dialogs, allowing you to isolate and replace content.

SEO Friendly Links
Change the way the URL links to make them SEO-friendly.

Show Blocks
Display hidden characters in the post editor.

Source Code
Edit the source code directly from the editor.

Sort Order Date
Each post can be assigned a sort order date that sorts the post differently than the create date on the main blog page.

Release Posts in the Future
You can create posts and release them at a pre-determined date in the future.

Responsive Video
Incorporate fully responsive videos that will play at the top of the blog post with Galaxie Blog Directives.

Related Posts
Show the related posts at the bottom of the page.

Set Post Categories
Assign categories to a given post.

Social Media Sharing
Allow the users to share your posts on various social media platforms.

Table editing functionality with options to modify cells, rows, and columns.

Table of Contents
Automatically create a table of contents at the top of the blog post based on the headers contained in the post.

Text Color
Customize the color of text using an intuitive color picker.

A post can be assigned to a unique theme, allowing the author to customize the look and feel of an individual post completely.

Word Count
The word and character count are displayed in the footer.