Galaxie Blog sends automated emails that actually look good when they land in the inbox. Your emails reflect your blog presence and when the emails look good, the more likely it is that they pay attention to your posts.

Galaxie Blog's branded emails display your logos and take on the characteristics of your chosen or selected theme. Galaxie Blog emails are also responsive, look good on any modern device, and follow the best practices recommended by various SEO sites. 

Branded emails will be sent when:

  1. The user subscribes to your blog. 
  2. The user is asked to confirm their identity when they make their first comment. However, this is not applicable if you are using the optional built-in Disqus library for your commenting system.
  3. When the user's comment is approved (when using the default commenting system)
  4. To all of the subscribers when a post has been made
  5. A new user is asked to set up their own profile and choose their own password when a new Galaxie User is assigned by the site administrator