It has been a while since I updated the Galaxie Blog codebase and want to provide a status update. 

Currently, I have migrated all of my sites, including this blog, to I am also migrating to CF2023 and have been working on providing workarounds for two critical Adobe bugs that I have found. I am also migrating to a new version of MySql, which requires some additional code changes. This change has impacted several of my sites, including and Most of the issues appear to be resolved, but if you see a bug or two on my sites, please be patient, I don't derive income from my blogging and I have a real job that I have to maintain. 

Current Improvements

First, I will go over some of the changes that are in progress. The following is a list of major changes since the last major Git commits 9 months ago. Note: these changes have not been implemented into the distribution yet:

  • New dynamic window widgets have been implemented
    You can easily create a window widget using a WYSIWYG interface. Dynamic windows can be created using the Galaxie Blog editor and will allow the user to use a ColdFusion include (cfinclude) to create dynamic content. If you have read my recent Kendo articles, you have seen many of these windows in action.
  • New condensed card-based interfaces
    New condensed card-based interfaces have been developed to show recent blog posts in a condensed format. This card-based view is also used to show the popular posts on the blog landing page
  • Improvements to the main blog landing page
    Galaxie Blog automatically generates a condensed row of your most popular posts on the main landing page
  • New visitor logging tools
    New visitor statistical tools are available in the administrative interface.
  • New expanding table of contents
    Automatically create an expandable table of contents using the post editor.
  • New theme features
    You can apply a theme to a given category or a tag.
  • Tag support has been added
    Galaxie Blog will support both tags and categories.
  • Improved performance
    Many performance improvements have been made.
  • New notifications support when using the administrative interfaces
    Notifications are raised for various events when using the administrative page. For example, a notification will be raised when another user makes a comment or logs into the administrative site.
  • Improved date handling
    There are a lot of new date-related features and new interfaces to sync the dates when publishing a post.
  • Improved RSS support
    Several improvements to the RSS have been made. 

Short Term Plans

I am working on incorporating a new swiper-based slider with WebGL image transitions. This will be a new media type that is available at the top of the post.

I also am working on allowing users to use the new slider to create a series of dynamic images that can be applied on top of all blog posts similar to Ben Nadel's blog.

I am wearing a multitude of hats here and am not quite sure when I can provide a firm date for the next Galaxie Blog git update, but I hope to make a new code commit within the next several months.

Long Term Plans

Long term I still plan on incorporating Lucee support, but this will have to wait until a future version. I also plan on incorporating more CMS features into Galaxie Blog. I also hope to make several improvements to and step up my own blogging game and create more blog posts concerning road trips and travel.