Unfortunately, I missed Robert's site when I surveyed ColdFusion Blogs while setting up the new CfBlogs site; however, his site has now been added to CfBlogs.

Robert has been blogging about ColdFusion and CommandBox since 2020. His Kis Digital site is an attractive, dark-themed site that uses flat HTML and he includes whimsical enclosures at the top of his posts. He has nearly 30 posts and has a range of topics, including ColdFusion, CommandBox, JSoup, JSON, and a database tool, DBeaver, that I have never seen. CfBlogs should be covering his posts now, and I wanted to welcome his addition to cfblogs.org.

Robert's site is at https://kisdigital.com/

PS Don't hesitate to contact me if you know of other ColdFusion-related sites I may be missing!