I plan to continue to release new versions of Galaxie Blog that support the open-source version of Kendo UI Core. However, the open-source version of Kendo does not support all of the HTML5 widgets that I plan on using, such as the adaptive grid. I intend to release multiple versions of Galaxie Blog, one that uses the open-source edition of Kendo and another that uses the full version of Kendo. Both should function just fine, but the open-source version will be more limited.

Everything that you see on this site is available to you. Although it is not necessary to include the commercial edition of Kendo, if you have your license for Kendo, you can incorporate your own Kendo library. In the source code, I have the following argument "application.kendoCommercial" as a Boolean flag that is used to include Kendo's open-source core version or include the full commercial version using your own Kendo library. If you have your own license, you will need to set these flags to true in your code and set the 'application.kendoSourceLocation' argument to match the path to your own Kendo libraries.