I am finally done chasing a nearly perfect Google lighthouse score and have released Galaxie Blog version 1.35. I have a perfect score for 3 out of 4 categories, and the performance score generally falls between 70 and 90. Performance: 90%1 Accessibility: 100% Best Practices: 100%2 and SEO (Search Engine Optimization): 100%
Attaining this score was not easy- especially for a large blog site. This is a major accomplishment. I spent over a month working on all aspects of the site. The google audit checklist is exhaustive. For example, I am deferring all nonessential resources until page load, lazy loading the images and media, using next-generation image formats (webp)3 and networking protocols (http/2) if possible, have no errors written to the console, etc, etc. I will write up several blog entries in the next couple of weeks to highlight some of my approaches. 1 Performance results can vary considerably.
2 Attained with the commercial Kendo license. The open-source Kendo Best Practices score is at 86 due to the Kendo embedded jQuery library. According to Telerik, this should be fixed in the near future.
3 Webp images are only served when both the client and the server support them. When webp is not supported, Galaxie Blog will fallback to traditional image protocols. I will write up an article on this in the near future.