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Introducing Galaxie Blog 1.35 with a new Parallax Scene

Galaxie Blog is a Next Generation Blog Platform

Galaxie Blog is the most beautiful and functional open sourced ColdFusion blog in the world.

galaxie Parallax Image 1
galaxie Parallax Image 2
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Galaxie Blog is fast....

Galaxie Blog consistently performs above 80% in Google lighthouse scores...

For comparison, the industry average performance score of the top ecommerce sites is is around 22%

Galaxie Blog is Accessible...

Galaxie Blog has a perfect 100% 'Accessibility' Google Score

The industry average sites is around 60%.

Galaxie Blog has a perfect 100% 'Best Practices' Google Score

Galaxie Blog uses all of the 'Best Practices' suggested by Google.

The industry average score is about 61%

Galaxie Blog has a perfect 'Search Engine Opimization (SEO)' score.

Having a perfect SEO ensures that search engines will be able to collect and promote your content.

Galaxie Blog allows you to enforce SSL....

Blog owners can specify whether to enforce SSL. If SSL is enforced, all port 80 traffic will be a automatically redirected to an encryted port.

Galaxie Blog delivers next generation media content...

Galaxy Blog now delivers webp images if both the client and the server support the new webp format.

If webp is not supported, Galaxy Blog will fallback and deliver images using tradional web formats.

Improved Entry Image Support

Administrators can easilly add images to their entries by clicking on a button and selecting an image. Galaxie Blog will take care of the rest.

To improve performance, Galaxie Blog will only render the image once it comes into the user's viewport.

Improved Social Media Sharing

Galaxie Blog now prominently displays social media icons to share your social media at the bottom of each individual blog entry.

You can use dynamic includes within an entry using xml.

This very GSAP scene that you're looking at now is acheived using a dynamic cfinclude.

Goals for the next version...

Overhaul the original database and add 'Disqus' integration.

Galaxie Blog is still using the original BlogCfc database and it must be updated. If feasable, I will add Disqus comment integration.


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Introducing Galaxie Blog

Introducing Galaxie Blog

Galaxie Blog is a free open source ColdFusion based blog.

It is intended to be the most beautiful and functional open sourced ColdFusion based blog in the world.

delicateArch Parallax Image 1
delicateArch Parallax Image 2
delicateArch Parallax Image 3
delicateArch Parallax Image 4
delicateArch Parallax Image 5
delicateArch Parallax Image 6

Stunning Mobile Interface...

Galaxie Blog is a responsive website that offers nearly identical functionality for both desktop and mobile devices.

Galaxie Blog is Eminently Themeable

Galaxie Blog has dozens of professionally designed pre-defined themes.

Changing the look and feel of you blog does not require any coding, you can use web based interfaces to perfectly adjust each theme.

Versatile Post Formats...

Add podcasts, thumbnails, images, and enclosures. Blog entries support using inline .css, scripts, and HTML.

Add Engaging Content and Special Effects...

Includes a HTML5 media player as well as a Flash player to allow users to add various media.

Galaxie Blog also has built in support for animations using the Green Sock Animation Platform.

Display Your Code...

Easilly display your code by wrapping your posts with 'code' tags. The code will be displayed and will be automatically adjusted to match your theme.

Interact With Your Users...

Galaxie Blog allows users to add comments and use their own gravatar.

Captcha support and blog moderation capabilities are included.

Share Your Content...

Allow readers to share your blog content with built-in social media sharing.

Users can subscribe to your blog or subscribe to a selected post. Galaxie Blog also can share your content with various communities via RSS feeds.

Organize And Find Your Posts...

Categories and tag support are built-in. You can also associate your blog entries and related posts.

Find your posts using a search engine at the top of the site. Posts are also automatically displayed by date and can be selected using a calendar control.

Optimized for Search Engines

Galaxie Blog is SEO friendly and has a 100% google SEO score.

The Future of Galaxie Blog...

I intend using Galaxie Blog for my own personal blog, and it is a key component of my own personal portfolio.

I am adding capabilities to use a rich editor within a mobile interface to quickly share my personal photography while out in the field.


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