I am proud to announce that Galaxie Blog 3 is finally released. While this blog does not yet have full-fledged content management tools or e-commerce capabilities, it is intended to meet or exceed the out-of-the-box core blogging functionality of all of the major blog platforms such as WordPress and Wix. Unlike some other major blogging platforms, you own your data with Galaxie Blog, and Galaxie Blog only uses non-proprietary open-source libraries and is completely free.

Galaxie Blog was developed with a mobile-first priority. We have put great emphasis on perfecting your mobile experience where you can manage the blog and create a stunning blog post with just your phone. Galaxie Blog 3.0 is also an HTML5 web application. HTML5 is a modern web standard that supports the latest multimedia features and enhances user interaction. 

Galaxie Blog has extensive media support and will take the media that you upload and create new media formatted to the major social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You may also edit the images that you upload to the browser.

Galaxie Blog has scores of WYSIWYG editors. You don't need to know any HTML in order to create a beautiful blog post. These interfaces will allow you to upload images, videos, image galleries, and even create maps and map routes. Galaxie Blog is perfect for the travel blogger- it offers comprehensive tools to generate and share various types of maps that are free of charge. 

The blog also allows the users to interact with your post and share your posts on various social media sites. The blog offers options to use other commenting systems, such as Disqus if you want to use them. 

Galaxie Blog is eminently themeable. The blog has nearly 30 different pre-built themes and you can develop your own theme within a few minutes and unique fonts can be applied to any theme. All of your post content will take the characteristics of your selected theme. For example, the blog has branded emails that are sent to your subscriber base and the emails will be branded according to your theme. 

Galaxie Blog supports more databases than any other major blog software and can be used with any modern database. You don't need to have an isolated database and can keep the current database system that you have. Galaxie Blog also will also automatically create the database objects and schemas as required. Galaxie Blog also has an automatic installer and allows you to import data from a prior version of Galaxie Blog or other blogs such as BlogCfc.

Galaxie Blog has extensive SEO features to improve your ranking with the search engines. It also automatically structures your blog data for the search engines using the most modern version of JSON-LD. Galaxie Blog also automatically generates RSS that allows other applications to access your blog posts and create real-time feeds.

Galaxie Blog supports multiple users and user capabilities. There are 9 different user roles and dozens of unique capabilities. You can create new custom roles with unique capabilities. For example, you may assign one user to moderate the blog comments, and another to edit the contents of a post. 

Galaxie Blog has many unique features not found in other blogs. For example, the blog allows you to use javascript and other advanced features in a blog post. The blog can also include a logical programming template using a ColdFusion cfinclude in your blog posts. The blog is also perfect for developers, the blog can display code and can be tailored to support the display of hundreds of different programming languages. Additionally, unlike the majority of other blog software, it displays your code on mobile devices perfectly.

There are many more Galaxie Blog features that I will blog about in the future. 

Happy Blogging!